Blog Feature: Have You Lost Your Spark?


Blog Feature: Have You Lost Your Spark?

Are you going through the motions but your heart isn’t in it? Are you getting by, but you’re not having any fun? When you wake up in the morning, do you have that clinch in your stomach because you dread the day ahead?

Studies have shown that 80% of the work force are unhappy in their careers. That means, only 20% of workers get up happy to go to their jobs. Remember long ago and far away, in another life when…Just waking up put a smile on your face. You had a dance in your step and a twinkle in your eye because you were happy about what you were planning to do that day?

Your Inner Fire was lit then…Fast forward to now. What happened? Where did your Fire go? Do you feel stuck and not sure how to get out? I can help you find Your Passion and get Your Inner Fire back!

So, what exactly is my Inner Fire anyway? What lights you up when you think about it? What makes you smile when you talk about it? What is the thing that makes you sparkle when you get to do it? … That is YOUR Passion-YOUR Fire-YOUR Spark!

Living life on purpose, with your purpose combined with your passion will ignite your inner spark. Order a copy of my book, “Taking Back the Woman in Me”…Today!

GlenNeta M. Griffin, Author